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Handpainted Shoes - Beauty and the Beast - Wedding Shoes - Handpainted - Disney Heels

A drawing for your handpainted shoes 

Draw, draw, draw…

It seems so simple but drawing means many things such as composition, color, lights and shadows but above all it means love too. I love what I do.

Each person tells me about your dreams, pleasures, her love story or the fairy tale which their parents told her when she was a baby girl. This information is used like treasure to create a beautiful and unique design that I will painted on your shoes after.

So I will listen each your feelings and I become them in art.

Who are there behind in?

It´s me! My name is Carolina Vicente. I am dreamer because I really think everything is possible with hard work.  Somehow you are here because you think the same too. That makes me happy.

Anyway, stop talking about me, please. Let´s focus!

Zapatos pintados a mano - Handpainted Wedding Shoes - Disney Heels

What do we need to paint your heels or your wedding shoes?

We need an original idea. You can choose some my owns designs or I could draw one for you.

If you preffer a new design or other shoes I will need information about your preferences. After that you will received the budget if you are agreed I will made the sketch which you will receive in the e-mail. In this moment you could change any elements if you need it.

Approved Design

That sounds so nice. This is the most delicate step. brushes and paintings have only one gold.

Paint Your Shoes!

You can see the creative process of handpainted shoes about fairy taleBeauty and The Beast

In a few weeks, the shoes will be finished then I will take some pictures to my portfolio.

Look at me


My handpainted shoes are very special because of that I send them thought the transporting company called Seur. They hang love them.

I will send an e-mail with the following code and the company link so you will know where they are.


Zapatos pintados a mano - Wedding Shoes - Handpainted

Thank you so much. My family love them. if I ever have an opportunity to commission something similar I will certainly contact you again. Artist !! 😘 Kisses. Marta

Tacones de cuento - La Bella y la Bestia - Disney Heels - Handpainted shoes - Wedding Shoes - Disney Heels

My wife loves the shoes. Beauty and the Beast is her most favourite movie. She wore them on the 1st night showing of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Watching her open the beautifully crafted box and then seeing the shoes for the first time was wonderful. I am so happy with the shoes and if I ever have an opportunity to commission something similar I will certainly contact you again. Thank you so much Carolina for your wonderful artistry. Jason

Zapatos pintados a mano - Zapatos de novia - Wedding Shoes - Wedding Pumps

I am really thank you because my wedding shoes are so beautiful. I fall in love them; each time I see them I like more them. I know your designs are nice because I check your web but I trusted in your work because of your closeness, implicate and professionalism. I thank you all of that and you became a Tiffany shoes in the wedding shoes of my dreams. Thank you with my heart. I recommend 100% to Carolina if you look something different and impeccable treatment. Laura